Code of Behaviour

Young people

  • Take part in activity to the best of your ability .
  • Respect others around you .
  • Concern for behaviour that is considered unsafe will be reported to sports coach /children’s officer /Director of Open Spectrum. The child’s point of view will always be heard . A decision to suspend a child will always be the last resort.


  • Respect for others around you should at all times be modelled by parents of children .
  • Parents remain onsite at all times during activities unless otherwise discussed in which case they will share their phone numbers with coach and commit to keep their phones attended.
  • Lifts to and from activities will not be organized through Open Spectrum.
  • Concern for children’s behaviour will never be discussed between parents at activities .
  • Aggressive or intimidating behaviour by parents towards other parents will not be tolerated and may result in a suspension following a hearing by the Directors.

Sports Coach

  • All sports coaches must comply with garda vetting regulations .
  • Respect for children involved in activities is required .
  • No sports coach must ever take a child’s phone number or contact details and if the coach receives such the coach must immediately make the child’s parent aware of the security breach