Health and Safety Policy

Premises/Location Policy: The board of Open Spectrum ascertains that all premises/locations are surveyed by the parent co-ordinator of a proposed activity for risks such as: flight risk, risk of injury, risk of sensory overload. The management of any premises used by Open Spectrum for an activity will be required to share their Fire Safety policy with the parent co-ordinator of the activity.  The parent co-ordinator will familiarise him/herself with all safety procedures relevant to the premises and will satisfy him/herself that these are adequate and fully understood by all coaches of the activity.The Parent Co-ordinator will ascertain that the Fire Safety policy of each premises is reviewed annually. The coach is responsible for evacuation in the event of a fire.C.Health and safety policy: Open Spectrum will ensure that an appropriate ratio of coaches to young people with ASD will be provided at all times.  In outdoor, unenclosed locations each young person representing a “flight risk” will be accompanied by a coach/parent/guardian.  Open Spectrum requires all activity coaches to adhere to current Government guidelines on preventing the spread of Covid 19, and any other infectious illness on which guidelines have been issued.  The parent co-ordinator is responsible for ensuring the implementation of this policy. A complete First Aid Kit will be on-site at each activity. This will be confirmed by the Parent Co-ordinator.The coach of an activity will ring Accident and Emergency services immediately if there is a serious accident or emergency. In the case of activities which do not require the presence of a parent/guardian, parents will be called immediately in case of an accident/emergency/distress.

Updated February 2023