Open Spectrum Child Protection Policy

OPEN SPECTRUM is a parent-run activities club for children and teens on the autistic spectrum.   The Club was founded in 2013  by parents of these children.

The information below sets out;

  • Open Spectrum’s Vetting Policy; and
  • the roles within Open Spectrum and the roles for which vetting disclosures have been sought


Open Spectrum’s Vetting Policy is governed by the National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Acts 2012-2016 (“the Act”). 

Open Spectrum does not permit any person to undertake relevant work or activities with children, on its behalf, unless  it has  received a vetting disclosure from the National Vetting Bureau in respect of that person.

Who must be vetted?

Any person carrying out work as specified under Schedule 1, Part 1-2, of the Act must be vetted.

How the vetting procedure works

Before starting work with Open Spectrum, our Vetting Officer will send the intended worker a Vetting Invitation Form.  When completed , this form will be returned to the National Vetting Bureau, with the assistance of DLR, accompanied by relevant identification documentation.

Vetting Disclosure

In time, a Vetting Disclosure will issue from the Bureau and be sent to Open Spectrum. When a prospective worker is vetted by the National Vetting Bureau, the disclosure will include a statement that there is no criminal record or specified information relating to the person being vetted or will include details of all convictions and pending prosecutions and a statement of specified information (if any) .

What is done with the information received in a Vetting Disclosure?

The information will be shared with the intended worker and a copy will be filed in a secure file to which only authorised members of Open Spectrum have access. Open
Spectrum will not send the results of a vetting disclosure to anyone except the Applicant.

Presuming the disclosure is in order, the person vetted can start work .

How long is a Garda Vetting Valid ?

Vetting is valid for a period of 3 years from the date the search was conducted.

Under 18’s

The Act states that if a person in respect of whom an application for a vetting disclosure is made, is under 18 years of age, a declaration of consent (Parent/Guardian Consent Form) is completed on his or her behalf by a parent or guardian of the person. Open Spectrum will provide such consent forms to parents.

Further Information

Further information on the vetting procedure  is available from the National Vetting Bureau’s “Frequently Asked Questions” section on their website,

Roles/Vetting within Open Spectrum

Find below a list of all roles within Open Spectrum and their vetting positions;  

  • Vetted

All persons whose work consists mainly of them having access to or contact with children, have been vetted (Schedule 1, Part 1, 5 of the Act).

  • Non-vetted

All persons within the Group carrying out work where contact with children is merely incidental to their role have not been vetted (Schedule 1, Part 1, 5 of the Act).   

TreasurerHelen NorrisNon-Vetted
Children’s OfficersNiamh O BrienVetted
Marie HayesVetted
SecretaryKate BunburyVetted
ChairpersonVictoria WhiteVetted
Vetting CommitteeHelen NorrisNon-Vetted
Mary KavanaghNon-Vetted

Parent co-ordinators/activities;

All parent coordinators are vetted under Schedule 1, Part 1, 5 of the Act as a regular part of their work consists of access to or contact with children

KarateMartha CordialVetted
KayakingSuzanne CullinaneVetted
Suzanne Cullinane
Suzanne Cullinane
Dance Maeve StapletonVetted
TennisMaeve StapletonVetted
AthleticsVictoria WhiteVetted
Youth ClubLaraine KingVetted
Youth ClubClodagh FullerVetted
Youth ClubBrenda WrightVetted

Sports Coaches (at February 2023)

GolfMichael KavanaghVetted
AthleticsDonal NortonVetted
DanceShauna CoffeyVetted
KaratePaul DowlingVetted
KarateConor O’Halloran Vetted
KarateAilbhe DowlingVetted
KarateSean O’HalloranVetted
AthleticsMaisie NortonVetted

Open Spectrum’s vetting policy will be amended as required, should any further vetting disclosures be received on behalf of the Group.

Any further questions on our vetting policy can be addressed to Open Spectrum at the contact details provided on our website.